Monday, December 26, 2011

Old World Blues

Life is only a collection of memories
that we make every day
One choice or another each choice
changes the memories:
One by One
Two buys Two
We are only what we do
i am me and you are you.
But what does that make us?
A slender thread the mind
Drawing us in
pushing us out.
The world we see is all the same you see the people following the lines being what they are supposed to be afraid to change to spread their wings.
A wise man once said
All that's dead was alive, only the deaf can hear; and only the blind can see
There is no wisdom with-out failure and no fail-ure with no Risk
Risk doesn't exist without courage
When its all said and done no one will remember all the things we value, who we hated, or who we loved
all that matters is we had
Courage is the one uniquely human trait
Sure we say lions are courageous but its just instinct and millenia of doing what they're supposed to do.
The courage to be who you are
To do what must be done.
A few seconds of insane courage is enough to create a lifetime
That's worth living

A memory worth remembering

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